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By IHI Multimedia Team | Friday, Nov 30, 2018
An elderly woman's quality of life vastly improves after she goes home from the hospital after being told she may have only days to live. What made the difference? Use of pressure ulcer prevention and medication safety bundles helped give her a new lease on life.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Pressure Ulcers, Bundles, Medication Safety, Medication Reconciliation, Home Care, End-of-Life Care, Europe
By Rita Okonkwo | Thursday, Nov 29, 2018
Social marketing is a commercial marketing technique that has been widely used in public health to change or maintain behaviors. Use these tips to make your outreach more patient-centered and effective.


Tag(s): Patient and Family Centered Care, HIV/AIDS, Africa
By Santiago Narino | Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018
What happens if you ask patients and families what high-quality care means to them? One hospital is using the answers to transform their care.


Tag(s): Person- and Family-Centered Care, engaging patients, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Latin America
By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018
Activating people’s agency is the central objective of the IHI Psychology of Change Framework. Agency has two key components: power and courage. Together, courage and power motivate people to choose to act with purpose.


Tag(s): Leadership, Quality Improvement, Improvement Capability, Psychology of Change
By Mara Laderman | Monday, Nov 19, 2018
The environment of the emergency department is often stressful, but it can be especially traumatic for patients experiencing behavioral health emergencies. Learn how a trauma-informed care approach can yield better outcomes for patients and providers.


Tag(s): Behavioral Health, ED - Emergency Department, Person- and Family-Centered Care, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Improve ED Flow by Improving Behavioral Health Care
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