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By Derek Feeley | Tuesday, Aug 01, 2017
IHI didn’t invent the concept of joy in work, but we do believe now is the right time to flip the thinking around the whole issue of burnout.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Thursday, Jul 27, 2017
We’ve made a list of seven engaging posts on IHI’s website — seven must-see resources for all your health care improvement needs.


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By Soma Stout | Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017
People around the US are demonstrating how to lead culture change and sustainable improvement in health, wellbeing, and equity as part of the 100 Million Healthier Lives Scaling Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) initiative.


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By Kayla DeVincentis Tremblay | Friday, Jul 21, 2017
What could a mental health and community services trust in London learn from a fully integrated social care trust in Northern Ireland and vice versa? IHI spoke to Hugh McCaughey and Kevin Cleary to find out. As members of IHI’s Health Improvement Alliance Europe, they brokered a collaborative relationship between their two disparate organizations.


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By Chris Hayes | Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017
Not all improvement projects are created equal. How do we avoid wasting time and resources on initiatives that don’t succeed or “stick”? How can we prevent overwork, resentment, and burnout related to QI? We need to look at how we design and prioritize improvement initiatives. One way to do this is to use the “Highly Adoptable Improvement” model.


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