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By IHI Multimedia Team | Thursday, Mar 30, 2017
Quality Improvement teams often struggle with developing aim statements to guide their efforts. Two IHI Improvement Capability experts debunk 3 common myths about creating improvement aims and offer advice about how to craft good ones.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017
Building a foundation of good teamwork and communication can help transform individual patient safety projects into an overall system of safety. Effective groups develop norms that lead to shared understanding, anticipate needs and problems, and use agreed-upon methods to manage situations.


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By Kedar Mate | Thursday, Mar 23, 2017
At IHI, we talk about small tests of change and going incrementally forward. The mental model in improvement focuses on optimizing existing systems and eliminating defects. Innovation requires a different mental model — creation of something new and different from what we’ve experienced before.


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By Frank Federico | Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017
A lot of patient safety work focuses on “projects" instead of taking the broad view. It's important to build the internal structure to avoid working in a vacuum. Without placing your work into the broader context of your organization's other efforts, you may have trouble keeping up momentum, making further improvement, or sustaining your gains.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Reliable Processes
By Terry Rusconi | Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017
In this interview, University of Kansas Medical Center Vice President Terry Rusconi describes the multiple adaptations of the rapid response team concept his organization has developed and how it has spurred innovation and enduring value for patients and staff.


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