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By Jo Ann Endo | Friday, Dec 01, 2017
Root cause analysis (RCA) is widely used to learn how and why medical errors occurred, but their success has been inconsistent. Improving their effectiveness requires concentration on preventing future harm. Prevention requires action, and so a panel of experts renamed the process Root Cause Analyses and Actions, or RCA2 (RCA “squared”).


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By Gayle Squires | Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017
Hospitals are not restaurants or hotels, and patients are not diners on vacation, but the health care industry can take lessons from other settings, adapt them to our own unique environment, and improve our operations and patient experience of care.


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By Derek Feeley | Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017
Why doesn’t IHI add a fourth dimension to the Triple Aim? IHI President and CEO Derek Feeley shares IHI's perspective on the “Quadruple Aim," and his advice for organizations that want to add joy in work, health equity, or other priorities to the original IHI Triple Aim.


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By David Munch | Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017
Effective middle managers are critical to sustainable quality improvement, yet many don’t get the support necessary to be successful. Some organizations won't invest in staff development, but they pay for poor quality in other ways - harm to patients, costly rework, and low morale - when they don’t develop the leadership and QI skills of their managers.


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By Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey | Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
The lessons from this project are clear. When leaders create a burning platform for change, and when frontline workers are empowered to measure and improve the care they deliver, the QI approach makes a difference.


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