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By IHI Multimedia Team | Wednesday, Nov 01, 2017
Optimizing hospital flow - efficiently providing optimal care to patients as they move through the hospital environment - requires an appreciation of the hospital as an interconnected, interdependent system of care. Diversions, long waits, and delays in the emergency department (ED) are a hospital-wide issue, not solely an ED operations issue.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017
Clinicians often shy away from talking about religion and spirituality with their patients. This is often because they assume that such beliefs lead people to make unrealistic medical decisions. Engaging with patients around their faith, however, can aid medical decision making, not hinder it.


Tag(s): Person- and Family-Centered Care, End-of-Life Care, Palliative Care
By Richard Scoville | Thursday, Oct 26, 2017
Sustaining improvement is essential to provide the best health care for patients. But too often, hard-won improvements are lost as attention shifts to other priorities and staff revert to the “old way” of doing things. Expert Improvement Advisor Richard Scoville outlines the 6 essential practices for sustainable improvement.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Engage Front-Line Staff in Improvement, Improvement Capability
By Leonard Berry | Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017
A recent journal article outlined a phenomenon called “hostage bargaining syndrome” (HBS). According to its authors, patients and families who experience HBS are fearful and confused, and behave as if they must negotiate with clinicians for their health. In a new interview. one of the authors describes the phenomena and how to prevent it.


Tag(s): Person- and Family-Centered Care, Communication, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety
By Richard Gundling | Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017
In the following interview, Richard L. Gundling, FHFMA, CMA, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Financial Practices at Healthcare Financial Management Association offers advice on the best way to bring patient safety and finance teams together to evaluate, prioritize, and fund initiatives that are sound investments for patient and workforce safety.


Tag(s): Quality, Cost, and Value, Teamwork, Cost Containment and Reduction, Case for Improvement
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