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By Paulo Borem | Thursday, Sep 29, 2016
Many hospitals in Brazil are participating in two large-scale IHI collaboratives in hopes of eliminating CA-UTI, VAP, and CLABSI, and reducing unnecessary C-sections. In a new interview, IHI Director, Paulo Borem, MD, describes what he’s learned about physician engagement in patient safety and quality improvement work.


Tag(s): Latin America, Patient Safety, Large-Scale Improvement, Collaboratives (IHI Breakthrough Series model)
By Mike Briddon | Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016
In case you missed them, here's a collection of content from September on burnout prevention and nurturing joy in the health care workforce, practical solutions to accelerate health equity, a video on the priority matrix improvement tool, a new Open School course on patient-centered care, hospital flow, and lean accounting.


Tag(s): Joy in Work, Equitable Care Delivery, Quality Improvement, Person- and Family-Centered Care, Efficiency and Waste Reduction, Lean, Quality, Cost, and Value, Improvement Capability
By Jo Ann Endo | Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016
Many health care providers want to attain health equity, but they don't know how to start. Abigail Ortiz, MSW, MPH, Director of Community Health Programs at the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center, described how her organization is addressing racism by having honest conversations between physicians and patients in the exam room.


Tag(s): Equitable Care Delivery, Population Health, Triple Aim for Populations, Person- and Family-Centered Care, WIHI, WIHI Archive
By Terry Rusconi | Friday, Sep 23, 2016
How do health care leaders build a culture of continuous improvement? The key is giving staff the leadership skills to support frontline improvement.


Tag(s): Improvement Capability, Quality Improvement, Leadership, Engage Front-Line Staff in Improvement
By Jeff Rakover | Thursday, Sep 22, 2016
Health insurers that measure quality, design financial incentive programs, and restructure payment models can play a pivotal role in helping care providers achieve the Triple Aim. At their best, payers can provide quality improvement support to providers as they change care delivery to meet the goals of value-based contracts.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Quality, Cost, and Value, Medical Home, Innovation and Idea Generation
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