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By Kimberly Mitchell | Friday, Feb 27, 2015
An underserved community in California is at high risk for diabetes, and a local clinic is redesigning its processes to identify and treat those at risk for complications related to diabetes to provide better access to care and reduce the spread of this condition. In the following blog post, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center diabetes educator, Yahya Abdolcader, BSN, RN-CDE, PHN, shares some of the reasons he is personally invested in the work he is doing in the community.As a kid, I remember ... read full post


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By Kimberly Mitchell | Friday, Feb 20, 2015
To successfully make the transition to bundled payments, “Everyone has a role to play,” says Trisha Frick, Assistant Director of Managed Care, Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC. In this interview with IHI Content Development Manager Jo Ann Endo, Ms. Frick, faculty for IHI's Preparing Care Teams for Bundled Payments Expedition, draws from Johns Hopkins’ lengthy experience with bundled payments and talks about the importance of teamwork.Q Would you describe your organization's bundled payment program?W ... read full post


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By Richard Scoville | Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015
Measurement is vital for improvement. Organizations need measures to identify opportunities for improvement, and to understand the impact of their improvement work. Richard Scoville, PhD, an independent consultant specializing in health care quality improvement and performance measurement, is a long-time IHI Improvement Advisor and faculty for IHI’s Advanced Measurement for Improvement seminar, scheduled for March 20-21, 2017. He is also co-author of the IHI white paper, Comparing Lean and Quali ... read full post


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By Al Kurose | Thursday, Feb 05, 2015
Leaders at Coastal Medical made the unique decision to distribute the organization’s first shared savings as an accountable care organization (ACO) among all employees, in recognition of every staff person’s contribution to improvements in quality and in cost control. Al Kurose, MD, FACP, is President and CEO of Coastal Medical.


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