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By Caitlin Littlefield | Monday, Aug 19, 2013
A guest post from Jason W. Wilson, MD Research Director, Assistant Professor Emergency Medicine Residency Program University of South Florida Thanks to generous funding from the University of South Florida Graduate Medical Education Office, I recently attended the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Summer Immersion course in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The course was designed as a weeklong deep dive into the function and philosophy of IHI and serves to introduce and entice partici ... read full post


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By Caitlin Littlefield | Thursday, Aug 15, 2013
A guest post from Mathieu Louiset, Ot, MscPH, MHAPublic Health Faculty, Universite Catholique de LouvainTo avoid jet lag, I arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a few days before attending the IHI Summer Immersion program. I was looking forward to participating in this program and taking the deep dive into learning more about IHI. On Monday, my first thought was, “Will I understand everything?” (I was worried because my primary language is French.) Jeff Selberg, IHI’s COO, started the day with ... read full post


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By Caitlin Littlefield | Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013
By: Nigel Deen, Research Assistant, Innovation When our health care system fails, those who are most vulnerable bear the brunt of the burden. This is especially true for the young and old. As a general measure of population health, the infant mortality rate (IMR) can be used to track the health status of a population over time, or to compare populations at a single point in time. The IMR is also useful because of the association between the causes of infant mortality and socioeconomic determinan ... read full post


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By Azeem Mallick | Monday, Aug 05, 2013
Everyone else was sitting on the new IHI roof deck enjoying their lunch on a warm summer day in Cambridge… I was walking two miles to make my Friday prayers. There would be no lunch for me that day. There wouldn’t even be any water upon the completion of my walk. It was Ramadan.   Ramadan is the ninth and holiest month of the Islamic calendar. It is the month Muslims believe the delivery of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad was completed. During this month (which moves back 11 days each year ... read full post


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