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By Caitlin Littlefield | Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Below is a post to the Blue Shirt Blog by Madge Kaplan, IHI's Communications Director. It’s 4:30 AM and I’m woken up by the home phone ringing in the middle of the night. When I pick up, a woman identifies herself as calling from my elderly mother’s medic alert company. She tells me that my mother pushed her button a short while ago and an ambulance was called. “Did the ambulance come?” I ask. “Do you know where she was taken?” “We don’t know…they won’t tell us that.” “Who’s ‘they’?” I learn ... read full post


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By Azeem Mallick | Thursday, Apr 18, 2013
In collaboration with Nigel Deen, Research Assistant, and Sandy Cohen, Research Associate. These are words which can stir up thoughts, emotions, and opinions. They can make people uncomfortable, defensive, and cautious. More importantly however, they force you to think. They force you to reflect on your surroundings, and to look at yourself. As a nation that continues to blend new cultures, religions, and backgrounds every day, diversity and inclusion needs to transition from something we think ... read full post


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By Sarah Dicioccio | Tuesday, Apr 09, 2013
IHI’s daily hours are 830 – 500, Monday through Friday. That’s eight and a half hours a day, forty two and a half hours a week, of time spent at the office. While this daily work routine may be mentally exhausting, physically this time is spent… sitting. It is not uncommon for a job to mainly consist of sitting in front of a computer screen; but at IHI, that’s eight and a half hours a day, forty two and half hours a week, just sitting. With the organization’s main focus being healthcare, thi ... read full post


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