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By Niñon Lewis | Thursday, Jul 11, 2019
IHI has learned a lot from collaborating with more than 200 organizations around the world to promote the IHI Triple Aim ― that is, better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower per capita costs. Niñon Lewis, a long-time leader of this work, says learning from the past decade consists of five overarching lessons on how to improve population health.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Equitable Care Delivery
By Celumusa Ndimande | Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019
Building momentum for QI, distributing resources effectively, remapping patient flow, and engaging support from staff are achievable in limited resourced settings. IHI's Celumusa Ndimande shares how frontline workers at a community health center fostered these efforts to improve the quality of tuberculosis care.


Tag(s): Africa, Improvement Capability, Quality Improvement
By Lawrence Yang | Friday, Jul 05, 2019
Effective meetings might not sound important, but trained Improvement Coaches know they can help spur progress, unite teams, and reduce wasted time. One Improvement Coach describes how learning to run better meetings helped him and his teams when they were feeling burned out.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Efficiency and Waste Reduction, Improvement Capability, Communication, Teamwork, Joy in Work
By IHI Multimedia Team | Monday, Jul 01, 2019
Providing optimal care for older adults - also known as "age-friendly" care - prevents harm and enhances the experience of care. Providing age-friendly care can also benefit an organization's bottom line.


Tag(s): Age-Friendly Health Systems, Geriatrics, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Quality, Cost, and Value, What Matters
By Derek Feeley | Thursday, Jun 27, 2019
More than 700 women die each year in the US because of pregnancy or delivery complications. Despite these appalling numbers, there aren't enough health care leaders making maternal health and maternal mortality a top priority.


Tag(s): Perinatal Care, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Equitable Care Delivery, Triple Aim for Populations, Maternal and Child Health
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