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By Jennifer Lenoci-Edwards | Friday, Sep 11, 2015
While patient safety risks in the hospital setting are well known, it can be easy to overlook the risks of harm in primary care. IHI Patient Safety Director Jennifer Lenoci-Edwards outlines recommendations for improving primary care patient safety.


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By Doug Bonacum | Friday, Apr 03, 2015
Doug Bonacum, Vice President of Patient Safety and Quality at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, is faculty for IHI’s Patient Safety Executive Development Program. In this interview with IHI Content Development Manager Jo Ann Endo, Bonacum talks about the fundamental changes necessary for the future of patient safety while also reinforcing the continual need for patient safety basics.Watch a video of Doug Bonacum discussing patient safety ... read full post


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By Frank Federico | Friday, Feb 20, 2015
Is our health care system any safer today than it was back in 2000? In this post, IHI Executive Director Frank Federico, RPh, highlights five critical components for measuring patient safety. At IHI, Frank works in the areas of patient safety, and the application of reliability principles in health care. He is faculty for the IHI Patient Safety Executive Development Program and co-chaired a number of IHI Patient Safety Collaboratives.It’s been nearly 15 years since the Institute of Medicine publ ... read full post


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By John Gauthier | Friday, Jun 27, 2014
Blood use in hospitals is a high-volume, high-risk, high-cost process that is often not appropriately utilized, says IHI faculty member Timothy Hannon, MD, MBA. In this interview with IHI Communications Specialist Jo Ann Endo, he explains why The Joint Commission, the AMA, the AHA, the Choosing Wisely Campaign, and others have targeted the overuse of blood products as a major issue. Dr. Hannon is Chief Medical Officer of Strategic Healthcare Group and faculty for the IHI Expedition on the Approp ... read full post


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By John Gauthier | Monday, Apr 14, 2014
IHI faculty member Kathy Duncan is director for the Preventing Pressure Ulcers Expedition. In this interview with IHI Communications Specialist Jo Ann Endo, she talks about why preventing pressure ulcers continues to be challenging and how education is only part of the solution.Q Teams have been focusing on preventing pressure ulcers for a long time. What continues to make it so challenging?A The prevention of pressure ulcers is about the reliability of prevention measures that often get shuffle ... read full post


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