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#MobileClinics Day 2 - Photos from NYC

By John Gauthier | Saturday, March 8, 2014

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Our second stop on the Mobile Health Tour brought us to the heart of Manhattan. Five mobile clinics lined 14th Street just beyond Union Square Park. During a bustling Friday morning, we heard from Marie Schall, an IHI Director, Anthony Vavasis, Director of Medicine with Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, and Delaney Gracy, CMO for the http://www.childrenshealthfund.org/health-care-for-kids/national-network/nyc-homeless.


Marie spoke to the importance of innovation. Great health care requires constant improvement and reinvention. Discovering brand new ideas and reinventing applications for old ones drives the system forward.

Anthony explained that mobile clinics are the safety net for the health care safety net. Clinics are there to serve those who typically never get health care. The mobile platform can provide full spectrum care with a more flexible delivery mechanism than traditional providers. This agility uniquely equips mobile clinics to address unexpected situations. When Hurricane Sandy struck New York City, mobile clinics partnered with the city and state to provide care quickly to communities stranded by the storm. Without mobile clinics, many patients would not have received the care they needed.

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Delaney also spoke to the nimbleness of mobile clinics. As their patient communities change and move over time, mobile clinics are able to meet them where they are – either through growing their clinic fleet or changing their regular scheduled stops, they meet their patients’ needs.

Being in New York was an exciting stop! Our team collected many interviews and had wonderful conversations with the clinic teams. We will post these stories, photos, and videos in the days to come.

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