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​#MobileClinics Day 1 - Photos from Boston

By John Gauthier | Thursday, March 6, 2014

MHT Boston

We kicked off the first stop of our mobile health tour in Mattapan, MA! Morning Star Baptist Church hosted today’s event. We began with some powerful words as Bishop John Borders taught us about the Power of Five – a focus on the full picture of health. The church community is focused on improving their spiritual gifts, relationship with God, financial health, physical health, and social stability. As a community, they are committed to making improvements as a group – even losing a collective 10,000 pounds in the next 12 weeks!


Bishop Borders addressed an interesting point. ATMs and mobile banking opportunities are everywhere. Neighborhoods have easy access to countless, convenient (but not always healthy) food options. In today’s society, resources are brought to the individual.  Why shouldn’t health care be the same?

MHT Boston

Jennifer Bennet, Executive Director at The Family Van, spoke to the importance and reach of mobile clinics across the country. An estimated 3.6 million uninsured and 2.5 million publically insured people receive care at no cost through mobile clinics across the country.

MHT Boston 333

Maureen Bisognano, IHI’s CEO, discussed whole person care. True Person and Family Centered Care will require a shift in the conversation. Traditional care treats specific problems by asking, “what’s the matter?” Improved care treats the whole person by asking, “what matters to you?” Maureen congratulated mobile clinics for constantly treating the whole person, always asking what matters to them.

MHT Boston

We asked this question and many others to the people in attendance today. What matters to you, and what does health mean? One of our favorite answers – Freedom. Being healthy means having the freedom to do what matters to you.


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