How to Get Involved

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is a small organization with a very big mission, and we cannot do it alone. We welcome anyone, anywhere who shares our passion for the improvement of patient care to join with us. The work is hard but extremely rewarding. Here are some of the many ways that you can get involved.


Get Started with Free Resources

If you’re just getting started with IHI, here are some first steps you can take:
  • Explore ― A deep and rich source of knowledge, stories, white papers, and information on upcoming programs on how to improve health care. 
  • Go to the IHI Open School ― A first-of-its-kind “virtual” interprofessional educational community that offers online courses, resources, and opportunities to connect with like-minded students, faculty, and professionals throughout the world.  
  • Listen to WIHI ― An exciting “talk show” program from IHI focused on cutting-edge innovations and featuring renowned experts.


Learn from Experts at IHI Conferences and Seminars

IHI offers many opportunities to learn from experts in clinical and organizational improvement and to connect with others facing similar challenges.
    • Virtual Expeditions ― Focused online training programs for teams on the most challenging issues facing health care professionals today.
    • IHI Open School ― More than 30 online courses on quality improvement, patient safety, and more.
  • Bring IHI training and expertise to your organization ― Many of IHI’s seminars can be offered at your site for one set fee, so you can make the content available to multiple staff members in the convenience of your own facilities.  

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    Get Trained in Improvement Skills

    IHI offers a variety of professional development programs designed to help individuals develop the specific skills necessary to lead improvement initiatives and to build your organization’s overall capacity to change.
    These include:

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    Work Strategically with IHI

    • Engage in the IHI Leadership Alliance ― This dynamic collaboration of health system executives and teams share a mission to work with one another, as well as in partnership with our patients, workforces, and communities, to deliver on the full promise of the IHI Triple Aim.
    • Participate in IHI Collaboratives ― IHI’s most intensive frontline improvement work happens in Collaboratives, 10- to 12-month programs designed for organizations committed to achieving sustainable change within a specific topic area.
    • Become a member of Passport ― IHI’s cost-effective membership program gives your entire staff easy access to the practical tools and ongoing expert support needed to achieve exceptional hospital care.
    • Become a Strategic Partner ― IHI Strategic Partners share our passion to improve health and health care worldwide and we engage deeply with them to build improvement capability across entire systems and attain system-wide improvement in key areas.
    • Engage with IHI as an Industry Partner ― IHI welcomes the opportunity to work with health care industry associations, foundations, and other partners in strategic areas that further both your organization's key imperatives and our shared mission to improve health and health care.
    • Work with IHI on Cutting-Edge Innovation ― The IHI Innovation Team serves as the organization’s internal engine for research and development, and in this process we have partnered with providers from around the world to formulate creative solutions to some of the most complex problems in health care.
    • Access our Customized Services ― IHI experts are available to provide expert services to help you achieve your specific improvement aims. 
    • Become an IHI Fellow ― IHI hosts several year-long in-residence fellowship programs designed to develop health care leaders to spread improvement throughout the world.


    Support IHI and Our Mission

    • Sponsor an IHI Program ― IHI seeks donors whose generous support makes it possible to offer many of our programs. 
    • Exhibit at an IHI Event ― Each of IHI’s major conferences offer exhibition opportunities at which organizations can increase awareness of their programs, products, and services by reaching thousands of improvement-minded professionals.