IHI Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI's) Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network is intended for health care organizations that ​are looking to boost joy in work, increase staff engagement and productivity, and improve overall quality of care and experience for staff and patients. Beginning​ ​February 13, 2020, the network is dedicated to organizations willing to learn, test, and implement at-scale strategies to drive meaningful and measurable progress to improve the joy of their workforce.

The Aim

  • Partner with forward-thinking organizations who are committed to system-wide
    ​joy in work
  • Facilitate transformational leadership practices and behaviors
  • Support and coach local leaders to identify, test, and learn from actionable steps that work locally to achieve meaningful and measurable progress
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge around comprehensive, systematic, high-leverage and replicable changes that can be adopted and adapted locally ​

The Network Experience

The network experience includes 18 months of learning, convening, and coaching, built around the following key components:​

  • In-Person Workshops: IHI will host all four workshops in locations to be determined, depending on the geographic dispersion of participating organizations. The two-day live sessions will focus on building relationships with participating organizations, advancing shared learning and application of improvement methods and tools, learning about the tactical, tangible steps to test and apply the prioritized high-leverage changes, sharing the evolving progress of each organiziation, and receiving feedback from faculty and peers.
  • Intensive Virtual Action Periods: The months between workshops are designed to be a period of intensive action, learning, and refinement. Each team will work with a faculty member and coach for contextualized coaching to support, learn from, and refine tests of change; regularly review the data; and address challenges and successes
  • Monthly Calls: All participating organizations will join monthly calls to facilitate shared learning across the network and to learn from case studies of successful approaches to improving workforce joy.
  • Coaching Calls: IHI faculty members will host periodic one-to-one expert coaching calls for participating organizations.
  • ​Q​​uarterly Virtual Leadership Meetings: Senior sponsors from each organization will join quarterly leadership calls to understand progress and share challenges and opportunities in championing this work. Optional site visits will be conducted during the action periods.

The results-oriented learning network structure will be responsive to the participating organizations and will adapt and over time to meet evolving needs. For example, we may develop subgroups to support targeted learning such as for measurement, implementation strategies, or leadership support.

Join Us!

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