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IHI Joy in Work Learning Network Schedule

​​​​​​​The safety and well-​being of the IHI community is our main priority. Therefore, all IHI professional development programs will be conducted virtually until further notice. ​​

Wave II Schedule

August 2021​Prework & Online Launch Call 
September 2021​Learning Session 1 (LS1)  ​
October – January 2022​Action Period 1 (AP1) 
February 2022​Learning Session 2 (LS2) 
March 2022 – June 2022​Action Period 2 (AP2) 
July or August 2022​In-Person Learning Session 3 (LS3) 
​August – November 2022​​​Action Period 3 (AP3) 
December 2022​Summative Event at the IHI Forum

Wave I Schedule: Currently Underway

July 2020 – January 2021​​Action Period 2 (AP2)
January 2021In-Person Learning Session 3 (LS3)
January 2021September​ 2021*Action Period 3 (AP3)

*Extending from June 2021​