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Current Schedule

​October 2020 – September 2021 Interactions

Alliance members participate in a variety of engagement activities throughout the program year. Learn more in the Leadership Alliance Prospectus.



In-Person Meetings

  • In-person meetings have been post​poned until further notice due to COVID-19. We will reconvene as soon as it is safe, and have moved to virtual meetings instead.​


Leadership Alliance members collectively agree on areas to focus energy and design workgroups in serivice of making improvements in these topics

2019 - 2020 Workgroups:

Workforce Safety
Aim: The Workforce Safety Workgroup will reduce our aggregate OSHA recordable injury and DART rates by 25%


Opioids and Substance Abuse Disorder

Areas of focus:

1. Increasing access to Medication Assisted Treatment.

2. Implementing safe and appropriate opioid prescribing practices in at least one setting.

We will work together to newly inform the field by identifying high leverage strategies for a range of organizations at different levels of maturity.

     OSUD workgroup.JPG

The Office Visit is a Dinosaur

Aim: By September 30, 2020, 100% of us will have made progress towards (radically) redesigning systems that are primarily driven by what works optimally for the patient – time, place, and mechanisms – basing our work on 'weaving our expertise, partnering, skills and abilities into their lives on their terms when, where, and how they want.

      OVID workgroup.JPG

Leadership Virtual Roundtables

Facilitated by Derek Feeley, Don Berwick, and Maureen Bisognano, these quarterly webinar discussions focus on top-of-mind, current event issues and provide Alliance members with access to innovative leaders and national authorities both in and outside of health care.

Collective Voice

In addition to the in-person and virtual engagement, members channel their insights and experiences into developing a “collective voice” within the Alliance, contributing their thought leadership via meetings with key stakeholders, published reports, journal articles, as well as traditional and social media.