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Under the Cover of COVID-19 News, the Epidemic of Opioid Overdoses Silently Surges

Leadership Alliance Opioid and Substance Use Disorder Workgroup co-leads Mara Laderman, MSPH, Miriam Komaromy, MD; James Moses, MD, MPH; and Mark Jarrett, MD, MBA authored this piece in Becker's Hospital Review highlighting the worsening opioid epidemic, exacerbated by every imaginable challenge brought on by COVID-19.

Alliance Members Endorse Congressional Action to Safeguard Telehealth Services

On July 16, 2020, IHI Leadership Alliance member organizations endorsed a letter requesting Congressional action to safeguard the sustainability of telehealth care services through continued regulatory adjustments, the establishment of quality metrics to ensure high-quality telehealth delivery, and payment changes.

IHI Leadership Alliance Letter for Congressional Action to Safeguard Telehealth


Call to Action: Reduce Waste in the US Health Care System

The IHI Leadership Alliance believes that eliminating “waste” in health care is essential to providing care at an affordable cost. To that end, the Alliance Waste Workgroup has developed an audacious aim: Systematically and proactively identify and eliminate 50 percent of non-value-added waste in the US health care system by 2025. Chaired by MemorialCare Health System Chief Transformation Officer, Helen Macfie, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. James Leo, this Alliance workgroup is calling on health systems and providers to commit to a Call to Action to do our part to reduce waste in the US health care system.

Leadership Alliance Waste Portfolio Overview

Call to Action: Reduce Waste in the US Health Care System and Return the Cost Savings to Patients and the Economy
Three key actions for health care leaders to reduce waste.

“Trillion Dollar Checkbook”: Reduce Waste and Cost in the US Health Care System
An in-depth analysis of significant and in many cases complex opportunities to reduce waste and cost.

Driver Diagram: Systematically and Proactively Identify and Eliminate Non-Value-Added Waste in the US Health Care System by 2025

IHI Leadership Alliance Waste Workgroup Driver Diagram Template

Leadership Alliance Health Equity Call to Action

A Leadership Alliance steering committee drafted this Health Equity Call to Action to reflect Alliance-wide commitment to advancing health equity. Chaired by Dr. Steppe Mette, Chief Clinical Officer for Alliance member UAMS Medical Center, the Committee challenges Alliance members and health professionals nationwide to endorse this Call to Action on the premise that achieving health equity is essential to achieving the full promise of the Triple Aim.

Congress, Take an Ebola Inspired Approach to the Opioid Epidemic

Alliance member Mark Jarrett, MD, MBA, MS, Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer of Northwell Health, urged Congress to act on the opioid epidemic in The Hill News.

Health Care Leaders: Bill or No Bill, We Still Have Work To Do

Alliance members urge leaders to pursue the IHI Triple Aim, despite what happens in Washington, DC, in this June NEJM Catalyst article.

ACA and AHCA: Don Berwick Breaks It Down

What's the future of the Affordable Care Act? Dr. Don Berwick gives his unique perspective in this video based on an impromptu policy presentation at the Alliance Spring Meeting on May 5. Don's comprehensive lecture explains the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and describes what could change with the American Health Care Act (AHCA). We invite you to share Don's message with colleagues or use it as a resource and refresher yourself.