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Last year, IHI started the Joint Replacement Learning Community to improve value, or health outcomes per dollar spent, for hip and knee replacement patients, and we want you to join us for the next cohort of teams that will take on this important work. One way to find out how much your organization can benefit from the program: plug in the number of joint replacements your organization does each year to see what the return on investment could be from joining the community:

You can also learn about the program and the success stories it has led to on a WIHI broadcast on the topic that took place on October 23, 2014: Better Care and Better Value for Hip and Knee Replacement. Guests included Robert Kaplan, PhD, the Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Emeritus at Harvard Business School; Katharine Luther, RN, MPM, Vice President, IHI; Catherine Abbott, MSN, RN, Administrator, Performance Improvement, Hackensack University Medical Center; Jenny Rosengrant, RN, BSN, Orthopedic Nurse Navigator, Moses Taylor Hospital.
On that WIHI, and from all over the country, clinicians have been telling us that they are facing increasing pressure for transparency, as evidence accrues of widespread variation in cost and quality. Assessing these critical aspects of care has proved difficult, and the present dearth of standardized and comparable information on outcomes and cost has hindered improvement. Providers rarely, if ever, know where they stand relative to their peers; and almost no provider properly calculates the cost (as opposed to the billing charges) of the care they provide.
The second offering of this learning community will be limited to 40 organizations aiming to improve value for hip and knee replacement patients. Part of that group will be made up of the teams who will continue on from the 2014 current year's community. Over 14 months, from May 2015 to June 2016, organizations will identify and act on process improvement opportunities through the application of cutting-edge costing techniques, standardized outcome measures, and process improvement strategies.
The faculty of the learning community will teach frameworks critical to achieving better value for patients:
  • We will offer instruction on using Activity-Based Costing (ABC), which assesses the actual cost of delivering care through process mapping.
  • We will then help organizations use this data to identify areas to improve quality and reduce costs through its extensive expertise in learning community design and improvement coaching. In addition, we will assist organizations in developing and assessing a standard set of outcome measures. 

This learning community offers a unique opportunity to apply analytic and improvement methods to position your organization as a leader in health care value. Your participation in this learning community will advance the science of caring for these high-volume patients and their families. The knowledge shared across this learning community will inevitably build momentum for change across the industry. ​​​​​​​​