Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. How much is IHI Membership?
A. IHI Membership prices vary depending on the level (Premium or Premium Plus) and the number of people that sign-up for membership in an organization. View the pricing structure here.

Q. How long does an IHI Membership Subscription last?
A. IHI Membership is good for one year from the date of subscription. For example, if you purchased an individual IHI Premium Plus Membership on November 1, 2019, your susbscription would expire at 11:59 AM on October 31, 2020.

Q. Can I increase or decrease the number people on my organizational membership throughout the year?
A. You're not able to increase or decrease the number of people in your organization's membership subscription during your membership year, the amount of people can only change on your renewal date. However, you can add or remove people from your membership roster at any time. For example, if you notice an employee is not utilizing the benefits, you can take them off the roster and add someone else.

Q. I'm an IHI Premium Member and would like to upgrade to IHI Premium Plus Membership, can I?
Yes, IHI Premium Members can upgrade to IHI Premium Plus Membership any time throughout their membership. Upgrading your membership is $161. To upgrade please fill out this short form. You'll automatically receive an invoice for $161 within three business days.

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