Partnership Compact

​​​​​​Organizations participating in the IHI Patient Safety & Quality Coalition not only share a commitment to the delivery of safe patient care, but also approach partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement with clear standards of behavior that govern engagement and participation. Below is th​e IHI Partnership Compact and Conflict of Interest Statement, by which all member organizations agree to abide.​

Partnership Compact and Conflict of Interest Statement

IHI welcomes and builds relationships with organizations across the continuum of health care, engaging with all committed stakeholders.

Essential to these partnerships is the shared understanding that IHI functions in an unbiased, noncommercial manner, maintaining a consistently objective perspective in all that it does, with the goal of enabling the sharing of ideas among stakeholders with diverse perspectives, but with a single convergent goal – making patient care safer. This alignment of interests provides each organization with an opportunity for learning, knowledge sharing, and networking, and generates the ideas for change – impacting thought leadership, culture, process, products, and services – that contribute to improved health care. Weaving patient safety into the fabric of conversations across all disciplines, environments, and organizations is a powerful tool for understanding and innovation. 
IHI also has internal Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct policies that govern all of our relationships. Partners of IHI are asked to commit to the following: ​
  • Core to our interactions across health care is a commitment to advancing safe patient care, working to improve the safety of the health care system for the patients and families it serves and the health care professionals it employs.
  • No use of the IHI relationship shall be made that reflects a commercial endorsement of any kind by IHI, although IHI encourages visibility for the alignment of our organizations in pursuing the patient safety mission.
  • When interacting with fellow members of the health care community, our organization is committed to following the highest ethical standards as well as adherence to all relevant legal requirements, including avoidance of any actual conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest.
  • Full adherence to requirements for offering accredited Continuing Education (CE) and accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) for programs or educational resources that have been supported by industry.
  • Inherent in this policy, both stated and implied, is a commitment to ensure that all IHI-Partner relationship activities and related communications, both within and external to the partner organization, abide by the letter and spirit of this approach.