Membership Overview and Benefits


B​ring measurable gains to your organization's quality improvement journey with Passport to IHI Training! For $5,000 per year, your entire staff benefits from discounts on and free access to select health care courses (virtual and in-person)​ to help build skills and accelerate your improvement initiatives. 

With Passport membership:

  • Bring IHI's world-class expertise to your doorstep (virtually) and support multiple teams closest to the point of care as they make rapid improvements in the areas of greatest concern to hospitals today.
  • Get FREE access to upcoming IHI Virtual Expeditions and unlimited access to past Expeditions.​
  • Help your staff meet continuing education requirements for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.
  • Give your middle managers the skills they need to guide your facility's efforts to improve patient care and achieve its strategic goals.
  • Save time, set teams up for success, and facilitate more effective use of  resources.

Get Tremendous Value for Your Passport to IHI Training 

​Passport Benefits # CEUs​ Value​
​Build Fundamental Skills
IHI Virtual Expeditions​

Put improvement skills into action and get expert coaching as teams run improvement work at their own sites with 10 IHI Virtual Expeditions per year.​  Passport members can also access free recordings of expeditions from years past. Free with membership.
​4.0 - 7.0 credits for each team member SAVE $750 per Expedition

​​IHI Open School​

Build fundamental improvement and safety skills with online courses with 25% off a group subscription to the IHI Open School, including the​ Dashboard to monitor progress and identify stars who may be able to serve as team mentors and leaders. Discount with membership.
​Up to 30 credits for each participant SAVE up to $3,450 per group

Subscription amount varies depending on number of people 
Grow Leadership ​ ​
Le​ading Quality Improvement: Essentials for Managers  

Train managers to lead improvement by sending an unlimited number of employees to this in-depth virtual program​ over 3 to 6 months. Free with membership. 
​9-13 credits for each participant

SAVE $995 per person

Learn from Others and Get Support ​ ​
National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care

Inspire leaders, build the will for change, and support a culture shift by sending key influencers to this world-renowned annual conference at a $200 off discounted rate.
~20 credits for each participant​ ​SAVE $200 per person
​Patient Safety Congress

The IHI Patient Safety Congress brings together people who are passionate about ensuring safe care equitably for all across the globe. Attend this annual meeting at a 15% discounted rate.
​16 credits for each participant​SAVE $188
Develop Expertise​ ​ ​
Advanced Access to Professional Development

​Gain access to limited seats in professional development training courses.
​16 credits for each participant​