Frequently Asked Questions

What is Passport to IHI Training?

Passport membership gives everyone in your facility invaluable tools, resources, and access to experts to help you meet some of your biggest challenges – all for one low annual fee.   

What is the cost?​

$5,000 per year. You can get all the benefits of Passport membership as a bundle for this one annual fee. The general membership is per facility. If, however, you are a hospital system that enrolls 5 or more hospitals, your annual fee is $4,250 for each facility. Everyone in your facility can begin to put your Passport membership to use the moment you join. Enrollment is open at any time during the calendar year, and past programs have been recorded for use at any time.

How do I become a Passport member?

To enroll in Passport, please call 617-301-4800 or email and an IHI staff member will be happy to assist you.


Will I see a cost savings from participating?

Yes. There are several ways members see cost savings from paying the $5,000 annual membership fee for Passport to IHI Training. Here are just a few examples.

Facility A

  • Participates in 4 Expeditions
  • Sends 3 managers to Leading Quality Improvement

Total value: $5,985

Facility B

  • Sends 10 team members to the National Forum
  • Sends 3 executives to the Change Conference
  • Has an Open School subscription for 250 people

Total value: $5,138

Facility C

  • Enrolls 6 managers in Leading Quality Improvement

Total value: $5,970  

What are the benefits of Passport membership?

​Passport enables you to: ​Passport gives you access to:
Bring the world-class expertise of an IHI conference to your doorstep and help multiple front-line teams make rapid improvements in the areas of greatest concern to hospitals today. Unlimited Expeditions. IHI Virtual Expeditions are two- to four-month, web-based programs led by expert faculty and designed to address your facility's highest priorities. IHI launches up to 15 Expeditions (worth $750 each) each year. Each Expedition offers at least 6 CEUs. Passport members vote to select Expedition topics.
​Give your middle managers the skills they need to help your facility improve patient care and achieve its strategic goals. ​Leading Qualit​y Improvement: Essentials for Managers. In this five-month, in-depth virtual program, experts lead managers through topics including improvement science, measurement, coaching, and making the business case and give them opportunities to put their learning into immediate practice.
Save time, set your teams up for success, and more effectively utilize your resources. ​Passport members-only tools you can access without ever leaving your desk, including on-demand podcasts, videos, and presentation materials.
​​Connect your staff with quality improvement education opportunities. ​Passport members get a 25% discount off an organizational subscription to the IHI Open School and $200 off the IHI Nati​onal Forum. For more information about accessing this discount, email


When does my membership begin?

Your passport membership is activated within one hour after registering; you will receive a confirmation email verifying that you registered successfully. If you are not able to access the Passport members-only pages within one hour after registering, please fill out the form at the top of the page and a customer relationship manager will contact you.


When does my membership expire?

Passport membership is good for one year from the date you enroll. All memberships expire on the first of the month. Facilities that enroll before the 15th of the month (e.g., August 2, 2016) will be given access to Passport membership until the last day of the previous month the following year (e.g., July 31, 2017). Facilities that enroll after the 15th of the month (e.g., August 19, 2016) will be given access to Passport membership until the last day of the next month the following year (e.g., August 31, 2017). 


How can I give Passport access to others at my facility?

In order to gain access to the "locked" Passport members-only pages, individuals at your facility need to be registered with the website. If they are not already registered, they can go to the IHI website and click on the “Log In/Register” link at the very top of the page.

Individuals will need to be sure that the facility name on their profile matches the name used by the key contact when they registered for the Passport membership. If an individual at your facility has previously registered with the site, they will automatically be given access to the Passport members-only pages.


Is Passport an individual membership?

No. Passport membership provides access to all the tools, resources, conference calls, support and other member benefits to all staff within your facility.​​​​​​​​​​​

How do I become a Passport member?

To enroll in Passport, please call 617-301-4800 or email and an IHI staff member will be happy to assist you.