​​​​Work more closely with IHI and get benefits! With the recent merger of IHI and the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), the combined organization now offers more membership options. The teams are currently working on exploring benefits across different membership options. Currently, the following memberships are offered (see more details below):
  • IHI Stand Up for Patient Safety: Organizational membership
  • American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety (ASPPS): Individual patient safety-focused membership
  • IHI Leadership Alliance: Initiative for US health system leadership and their teams
  • IHI Health Improvement Alliance Europe: Initiative for European health system leadership and their teams
  • IHI Patient Safety & Quality Coalition: Membership for solutions providers, associations, advocacy groups, and others​
The IHI Stand Up for Patient Safety Program is an organizational membership that provides tools, education, and shared learning opportunities needed to support patient safety initiatives across the care continuum. Learn best practices from leading experts, connect with peers working to prevent medical harm across the globe, and make meaningful improvements in patient and workforce safety. Membership is open to hospitals, physician practices, ambulatory facilities, health systems, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. Most benefits are available to all staff. Learn more.
The National Patient Safety Foundation, which merged with IHI in May 2017, launched the first and only individual membership program for the patient safety field in 2011. The American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety (ASPPS) was established to advance patient safety as a distinct and vital health care discipline, and to build an engaged, focused community of individuals committed to accelerating the delivery of safe patient care. Membership is open to anyone who works directly or indirectly to support and improve the safety of patients. Members represent a variety of different occupations and professional backgrounds, including: clinical and academic educators; health care executives and administrators; nurses, physicians, and primary care providers; patient safety leadersmanagers, and coordinators; quality improvement directors; researchers, risk management personnel; patient advocates; and students. Learn more or Join Now.

IHI Leadership Alliance​

Today’s health care leaders have at least two major jobs: Deliver great health care and high value today, and innovate for the emerging health and health care models of tomorrow. These are the goals of the IHI Leadership Alliance, an exclusive leadership initiative for ambitious health care system executives and their teams. IHI will provide a place to come together with experts and partners, access the organizations that are the closest to achieving these aims, and drive the innovation and improvement required to discover the roadmap to success for your organization. Learn more​.

The IHI Health Improvement Alliance Europe is a coalition of progressive leaders who are united for change, driven by collaboration, and focused on achieving health and health care results in Europe. The group aims to improve work processes, create new delivery models relevant to European health systems, and achieve best health and best care at affordable cost in the face of changing demographics, increasing chronic illness, escalating costs, and shrinking government and regional budgets. Learn more​.

IHI Patient Safety & Quality Coalition

The IHI Patient Safety & Quality Coalition invites membership from solutions providers, associations, advocacy groups, and all others sharing an unwavering commitment to health care safety, and is designed to accelerate visibility, opportunity, and thought leadership for stakeholders from across the continuum of care. By joining the Coalition, your organization is afforded unique and high-value opportunities for networking, learning, and knowledge sharing, aligning with the highly regarded work and reputation of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Learn more.​