Mentor Hospital Registry

The organizations on the Mentor Hospital Registry have volunteered to provide support, advice, clinical expertise, and tips to hospitals seeking help with their implementation efforts. The information on the registry is provided by each institution on their Mentor Hospital application. 
The Mentor Hospital Registry is designed to help health care improvement professionals identify, based on whatever criteria deemed appropriate, the most suitable Mentor Hospital(s) to contact for assistance. IHI cannot vouch for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data.
To sign up as mentor on, please follow these instructions.


The Mentor Hospitals are grouped by intervention and sorted alphabetically by organization name. Read the information listed to identify those you would like to contact. Also check that the Mentor’s availability status is listed as “available to answer requests” indicating that they are ready and able to help. To search within one of these pages, use [Ctrl] + F to open your browser's Find tool to search using keywords.