​The fees for one health care organization to have one team participate in the 18-month network are described below. IHI recognizes that the resources available to organizations dedicated to improving equity may vary. Given the scope and ambition of this network, and that IHI does not want cost to be an impediment to participation by committed sites, some financial support may be available to fund your organization's participation. See Scholarship and Fee information below:


  • Standard Rate: $30,000 per participating team
  • Discounted Rate: $20,000 per participating team
    IHI provides partial scholarships for federally qualified health centers, safety-net organizations, and other select stakeholders who require financial support. The IHI team welcomes a conversation to discuss your eligibility (see Scholarships below).
  • Donor Rate: $35,000 per participating team
    We invite your organization to be a donor to create an opportunity for lower-resourced health systems to join the network. $5,000 of all donor-level enrollments will go directly toward scholarships for other health care organizations to enroll.

We are grateful for the work you do to advance health equity and look forward to working with you to make this vital Pursuing Equity Learning and Action Network a reality.


We do not want cost to be a barrier to participating in Pursuing Equity. Should you need financial support, your organization may be eligible to receive full or partial scholarships to reduce the enrollment fee by completing a short application herePlease review the below criteria before applying. All teams are expected to cover the cost of attending the in-person workshops.

Criteria to receive a reduced enrollment fee:
  • Meets all criteria to join
  • Are a not-for-profit, FQHC, or safety net organization
  • Serves a population that experiences inequities
  • Able to fund travel & lodging to and from the four in-person meetings
Criteria to receive fully covered enrollment (generously covered by Novartis US Foundation)​:​
  • Meets all criteria to join​
  • Health systems based in California, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, or North Carolina
  • Must accept Medicaid
  • Able to fund travel & lodging to and from the four in-person meetings​


If your organization is interested in joining the Pursuing Equity Learning and Action Network, please email pursuingequity@ihi.org.​

IHI may, in its discretion, cancel, postpone, or otherwise modify this event at any time, with or without notice. If IHI does so and as a result, a registrant is unable to participate in the event, IHI will refund the registration fee. The registrant, however, will remain responsible for other costs (such as travel and lodging) the registrant incurs in connection with the event, and IHI will not refund the registrant, nor otherwise be responsible for, such costs. Registrants should proceed accordingly and consider travel/lodging cancellation policies — as well as purchasing travel insurance — when incurring such costs. IHI asks registrants to take into consideration the currently evolving situation and advisories related to Coronavirus before incurring travel, lodging, and other costs related to this event.