For Health Professionals

Download IHI's new Patient Safety Essentials Toolkit.

Get support for your projects with our free resource on Optimizing a Business Case for Safe Health Care: An Integrated Approach to Safety and Finance.

Take our online Safety Culture Assessment and see where your organization stands in the effort to create a culture of safety.

Gather your team to listen to the WIHI broadcast Sustaining and Strengthening Safety Huddles.

Download a free resource, Closing the Loop: A Guide to Safer Ambulatory Referrals in the EHR Era.

Learn how to conduct Root Cause Analyses and Actions. Download the free resource RCA2: Improving Root Cause Analyses and Actions to Prevent Harm.

Download the related resource, Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success, which offers strategies and tactics for leaders at every level to create and sustain a safety culture.

Read the IHI White Paper, A Framework for Safe, Reliable, Effective Care​.​

For Consumers

Listen to the WIHI broadcast replay, Who's Your Health Care Proxy? Speakers from the IHI's Conversation Project discuss how to choose a health care proxy and what resources are available to help.

Visit the Conversation Project website for tools and resources to help you have conversations with loved ones facing complex medical conditions or end-of-life care decisions.

Download the Ask Me 3 resources, which can help you think about what questions to ask your health providers.