Get Ideas for Recognizing the Week

It's never too early to plan for Patient Safety Awareness Week. ​We heard from people around the globe who participated in 2019. Here are some ideas they’ve shared.

Abu Dhabi

Ezhil Govindaraj of Mafarq Hospital reports that the teams there will be recognizing Patient Safety Awareness Week by conducting a collage competition with the theme “Why Safety Matters to You.” They will also be holding a Quality and Patient Safety Symposium and offering quizzes and games for staff.


Lisa Kuprel of Maui Memorial Medical Center is planning to use story telling in an interactive presentation to staff.


Tracy Fok reports that the medical staff at Scott Air Force Base are holding a patient safety poster contest during Patient Safety Awareness Week.


Larry Denning of US Naval Hospital Yokosuka reports that his team has myriad activities planned, including a “room of horrors” for staff to identify safety risks; an ice cream social where staff can ask and answer patient safety questions; and a “Good Catch” award ceremony for the night staff.


Teresa Robitaille reports that Livingston Hospital and Healthcare Services brought a team together to watch and listen to the Patient safety Awareness Week free webcast and also created word-search puzzles with health care quality and safety words and phrases.


Mohammed Elfatih Alamin of Altababa Advanced Health Solutions reports that the organization is holding an event for all health care providers to learn about patient safety, best practices, high reliability practices, and examples of patient safety practices.


Omar Yaghi of Tufts Medical Center and The Floating Hospital for Children writes that Patient Safety Awareness Week coincides with the Safety Culture Survey at his organization. Patients and staff members will be taking the IHI PSAW pledge and signing the "Safety Starts With Me" poster, which will be displayed in the hospital's main atrium.

The Quality Improvement and Patient Safety staff members will offer information to increase the patient safety awareness and encourage reporting of safety events as part of The "Quantros/Good Catch" initiative, and will hold educational sessions open for staff on process mapping and fishbone diagram.


Kay Scott of Residential Home Health and Hospice plans to write an article on safety for her organization’s website.


Lisa Juliar of the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety describes her organizations belief that sharing stories and experiences helps all stakeholders understand the impact of preventable errors and unexpected experiences in the delivery of care. The organization is inviting its members to create a patient story gallery in their facilities using the innovative story boards MAPS co-created with five patient partners to illustrate their challenging health care journeys. She writes, "Our hope is that they will tag #includealways and #PSAW19 as they honor the patients and families who want to inspire people to ensure safe care everywhere."

New York

Robin Moulder of Memorial Sloan Kettering reports that the Division of Quality & Safety will present "Patient Safety Lightning Rounds" during Patient Safety Awareness Week. This event is a fast-paced, interactive series of roundtable discussions led by subject matter experts on institutional safety initiatives. The event is open to all staff.


Kendra Wood of Southwest General in Middleburg Heights writes to say that during Patient Safety Awareness Week her organization will be sending daily emails with safety tips.


Dr. Lubna Mushtaque of Tabba Heart Institute Karachi writes that the organization is conducting a culture of safety survey during Patient Safety Awareness Week, as well as presenting a webinar and a presentation on patient feedback.


Michael Neiman and the team at St. Christopher Hospital for Children have events scheduled for every day, including hand-washing demonstrations that show what’s missed and activities to boost patient engagement.

Rhode Island

Heather Harris reports that South County Health is putting a focus on education about patient ID.

Saudi Arabia

Anas Amr of the Saudi Patient Safety Center reports that the center will be active on Twitter discussing patient safety initiatives, such as medication safety, reporting, measuring safety culture, patient empowerment, and innovation. Collaborating hospitals are asked to highlight national initiatives in patient safety.


Rhonda Bowen and the team at Olympic Medical Center will be hosting getting staff together to listen in to the free IHI webcast. They will also be offering information in the cafeteria, via posters, and via emails to all staff highlighting PSAW and the hospitals safety intiatives.

They will also release a special edition of their “Safety Minute — Guardians of Safety” video focused on Patient Safety Awareness Week.

Shanda Johnson reports that Seattle Children's Hospital has a full week of activities planned. On Monday, senior leaders will thank staff for their commitment to safety and hand out swag/stickers at the front entrances of our hospital. Tuesday brings Quality and Safety Poster Walkarounds (highlighting staff quality and safety improvement work) and a booth for patients and families to learn more about what patient safety means for them. On Wednesday the team is holding a screening of the documentary, "To Err is Human." Thursday is the annual Safety Coach/Safety Leader Celebratory Luncheon, and Friday will offer a second screening of the documentary.

The organization will also feature personal statement posters and a large poster for folks to pledge their commitment to safety.