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Safer Together: A National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety

National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety


Safer Together: A National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety
illuminates the collective insights of 27 leading organizations that make up the National Steering Committee for Patient Safety, who are united in their efforts to achieve truly safer care and reduce harm to patients and those who care for them.


A Total Systems Approach to Safety

Despite substantial effort over the past 20 years, preventable harm in health care remains a major concern in the United States. Though many evidence-based, effective best practices related to harm reduction have been identified, they are seldom shared nationally and implemented effectively across multiple organizations.

Reducing preventable harm requires a concerted, persistent, coordinated effort by all stakeholders, and a total systems approach to safety. Total systems safety requires coordination at many levels, which in turn necessitates robust collaboration among all stakeholders.

By harnessing the knowledge and insights of influential federal agencies, leading health care organizations, patient and family advocates, and respected industry experts into a set of actionable and effective recommendations, the National Action Plan provides clear direction for making significant advances toward safer care and reduced harm across the continuum of care.

By planning and investing together, mobilizing resources together, learning together, and sharing lessons learned, we can drive meaningful change and advance the goal of creating the safest health care for patients and those who care for them.

In addition to the National Action Plan, two supplementary resources offer further guidance:

  • Self-Assessment Tool: Assists leaders and organizations in deciding where to start
  • Implementation Resource Guide: Details tactics and supporting resources for implementing the National Action Plan recommendations

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