​​IHI recognizes clinical care settings that are working toward reliable practice of evidence-based interventions for all older adults in their care known as the 4Ms (4Ms: What Matters, Medications, Mentation, Mobility). As of July 2020, nearly 900 health care organizations have earned either level 1 (Participant) or level 2 (Committed to Care Excellence) recognition in the Age-Friendly Health Systems movement.

  • Level 1 (Participant) teams have successfully developed plans to implement the 4Ms.​
  • Level 2 (Committed to Care Excellence) teams have three months of verified data to demonstrate early impact of using the 4Ms.

​For more information on who is eligible for recognition, timelines for submission to notification, ​and more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting Started: Helpful Documents and Resource

Take a look at the recognition survey sample questions below to ensure you have all you need before getting started. For each of the 4Ms, you will be asked a set of questions on how you plan to apply the framework to your daily work. 

As a guide, use the following worksheets to help draft your desciption of the application of the 4Ms at your organization​. You can also refer to this sample submission​, as well.


Below is a preview of what the survey will ask of you and your team. 

​Hospitals and Nursing Homes​ ​​​Ambulatory Care Setting​
Hospital.JPG Ambulatory.JPG

​Submissions are reviewed and responses are emailed from throughout the month. You should receive an email with information about your recognition status within three weeks. Email for questions.​​​