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​​Learn about Age-Friendly Health Systems​​

Inform IHI of interest in participating


Identify an Age-Friendly champion

Send IHI letter of commitment from senior leader

Introduce teams to Age-Friendly framework


​​​Describe local application of the 4Ms at your organization

Share your local description of the 4Ms with IHI

  • Submit your 4Ms Care Description. When your description of the 4Ms is aligned with Age-Friendly care, IHI will be in touch with next steps on submitting your monthly count of older adults at your organization receiving 4Ms care. 

​​Share count of patients receiving A​ge-Friendly care with IHI
for at least three months and be recognized as an Age-Friendly Health Systems Participant

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Additional Tools and Resources

The Business Case for Becoming an Age-Friendly Health System​

The business case methodology will help an organization seeking to become an Age-Friendly Health System identify the relevant data, analyze it, and describe its financial implications.

​Organizations may use the accompanying ROI Calculators with their own data to eva​luate their Age-Friendly programs.

*For best results, please use Google Chrome to download the ROI Calculators

​​"What Matters” to Older Adults? A Toolkit for Health Systems to Design Better Care with Older Adults 


The 4Ms Framework ​of an Age-Friendly Health System

  • Watch the Introduction ​to the 4Ms Framework video from RUSH Center for Excellence in Aging
  • The graphics of the "4Ms" Framework of an Age-Friendly Health System may be downloaded and used for related work without requesting permission.

"4Ms" Framework                            "4Ms" Framework with descriptions

4Ms Framework of an Age-Friendly Health System 4Ms Framework of an Age-Friendly Health System with descriptions ​