Pathway to Pacesetter

100 Million Healthier Lives – Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE): Pathway to Pacesetter

Supported in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Pathway to Pacesetter (P2P) is a program that supports communities in accelerating their improvement journey. The goal of Pathway to Pacesetter is to support local leaders at every level of a community to be successful and multiply their effectiveness in achieving their existing vision and goals.

Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) is an initiative made available by the generous support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for communities in the United States to substantially accelerate their health improvement journey. SCALE recognizes and values that communities hold the solutions to improve their health. Therefore, the goal of SCALE is to equip communities with skills and resources to unlock their potential and achieve significant results. 

Twenty “pacesetter” communities and 4 “mentor” communities were selected in April 2015 to participate in SCALE, a 20-month intensive “learning and doing” program designed to assist communities to achieve unprecedented results in improving the health and well-being of people, populations and the community-at-large and to close equity gaps.

Hundreds of other communities expressed interest in accelerating their health improvement journey and asked if there might be a way to participate in the support system being designed for SCALE even without additional funding. In addition, many of you reported being earlier on the journey to becoming pacesetters and asked what might be available to help you develop your capabilities to be more successful in the future. Our team has been working tirelessly to identify simple, scalable, affordable ways to make meaningful technical assistance available to all communities because we firmly believe that all communities should have access to these resources.

The 18-month program begins in October 2015 and ends in March 2017.

Our Expectations

Pathway to Pacesetter communities must be willing to:

  • Work across sectors (e.g., health care, education, public health, etc.);
  • Adopt an improvement approach (e.g., a learning attitude, willingness to try things and test changes, and use data for improvement);
  • Identify a team of people to work on the initiative;
  • Report and share data monthly;
  • Share the good, the bad, and the ugly with transparency with other 100 Million Healthier Lives communities;
  • Address equity as part of their health improvement goals;
  • Attend all core Pathway to Pacesetter activities for the duration of the program
    • Monthly Webinars
    • 100 Million Healthier Lives Support System
    • HealthDoers Online Peer Learning Community Platform
  • Peer Community Team (Free) OR Coach-Supported Peer Community Team ($1,800)
  • Participate in a peer mentoring process; and
  • Embrace the opportunity to mentor other communities in the future.


Program Options and Costs


Monthly Web-based Sessions: A systematic virtual “learning and doing” program that assists community representatives in expanding skills and capabilities to accelerate their improvement journey, including skills for leadership, collaboration, change management, innovation, process improvement, and implementation.


HealthDoers: Online peer learning community


Support and tools from the broader 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative


Peer-to-Peer Community Mentoring: Opportunities to learn from and receive trouble-shooting guidance from other program participants


Coach-Supported Peer Groups: Support from a trained improvement coach, who will offer guidance and feedback on your improvement plans and progress

$1,800 for the full 18 months, payable in installments



$500/team of 4 (must include a student)

Certificate Program: Online certificate program on leadership and improvement skills (virtual program, plus work assignments between sessions)

Cost of travel plus conference fees for adjacent meetings

Face-to-Face Opportunities: Access to two face-to-face meetings per year at which you can present your community’s health improvement journey and learn from other communities. The first face-to-face opportunity is scheduled for September 30, 2015, in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the Communities Joined in Action conference.

Variable cost, depending on offering

Optional Enhancements: Priority access to special opportunities to accelerate community health improvement


Pathway to Pacesetter Application Information 


Pathway to Pacesetter is a collaboration of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Collaborative Health Network, Community Solutions, and Communities Joined in Action.