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Sarah Blossom
Senior Project Manager, IHI

Program Commitment


It is important that fellows have the full support and backing of their home institution. Fellows remain employed by their home organization and continue to receive salary and benefits for the fellowship year. It is expected that fellows will remain in, or be promoted to, highly leveraged positions upon completing the fellowship in order to realize the full benefit of their fellowship experience.  

What Are Employers Saying?

Sal Bognanni, MHSA
Director of Clinical Performance Improvement
Iowa Health System
April 2009

“The Iowa Health System investment in the IHI Fellowship Program has paid great dividends. Gail Nielsen continued to provide advice and guidance to key quality and safety initiatives during her fellowship. The education and experience of being an IHI fellow was invaluable in taking Gail’s skill sets to new level. Upon her return, the system reframed her position to allow her to use her new capabilities in advancing our Quality and Safety IQ. Gail has been responsible for accelerating our efforts in high leverage quality and safety efforts and has established a Learning Network for imbedding key skills and tools for building enduring value in our system. Our patients have been the ultimate beneficiary from this investment.”
Jeffrey V. Smith, MD, JD
Executive Director
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
And Health Centers
April 2009
“The Merck Fellowship was an invaluable opportunity for us as a healthcare system.  When we sent Anna Roth to Harvard [at the start of her fellowship], we expected her to return with new skills to lead Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers into the future. We got that and much more!
Anna's participation in the Fellowship motivated our system to become closely involved with all of the IHI initiatives. This set the stage for the transformation of our organization into a learning organization. We made national and international connections with others doing "state of the art" work in health care reform. This pulled us toward the front of the "wave of change." When Anna returned, we quickly remodeled our administrative structure and placed her in the role of Chief Operations Officer. In the short time since taking on that role, she has motivated the organization even more toward safe, effective, efficient, equitable, timely, patient-centered care. IHI, Merck, and Anna are all an enormously important part of our future.”
Note: Anna Roth, former IHI Fellow, is now CEO of Contra Costa Regional Medical Center.