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Kristin Cronin​ 
Project Coordinator, IHI
+1 617-391-9913​​


​​​Changes in faculty, agenda times, or presentations are subject to change. In-Person and virtual sessions will include a mix of didactic sessions, interactive case studies, and simulation exercises. 

​Workshops ​Dates
​First Virtual Learning Session

​September 2019
(All virtual sessions are 1.5 hours)
​In-Person Retreat

​September 30–October 3, 2019
Boston, MA

​Virtual Learning Sessions ​November 2019
December 2019
​In-Person Networking Event (optional) ​December 2019
Orlando, FL
at the IHI National Forum
​Virtual Learning Session ​January 2020
​In-Person Retreat ​February 3–6, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
​Virtual Learning Sessions ​March 2020
April 2020
​In-Person Retreat and Graduation ​M​​​​ay 11–13, 2020
Orlando, FL
at the IHI Patient Safety Congress
​Final Virtual Learning Session ​June 2020

​​​​This Fellowship is designed to build an exclusive global network of thought leaders who will lead quality and safety transformation in their systems and beyond. Cutting-edge quality and safety content will be woven together with a strong emphasis on building leadership capabilities among Fellows through in-person and virtual learning sessions.​
Safety and quality leaders will embark on a journey focused on strategic impact and leave the fellowship with a strong network of colleagues committed to innovating and influencing change within their communities and around the world. Topics covered will include: ​

​Safety & Qua​ilty ​Leadership
  • Cutting edge safety and quality science​​
  • Quality management systems
  • Co-design and co-production
  • Innovation, implementation, spread, scale up, and sustainability
  • Quality and safety in other Industries
  • Qualitative and ethnographic inquiry
  • Equity and safety/quality
  • Culture
  • Measurement​
  • Leadership in safety and quality improvement
  • Innovation/implementation
  • Change/change management
  • Resilience
  • Influence
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Psychology of change
  • Presentation and pitching skills ​