Need Help?

Sarah Blossom
Senior Project Manager, IHI


I am in training/just completed training.  Am I eligible for the fellowship?

The fellowship is designed for mid-careers professionals who will return to senior leadership positions in their home organizations. As a test we would, however, consider a very strong application from a more junior candidate. All successful candidates must have full-time employment with an organization who will sponsor them for the fellowship (salary and benefits for the year are paid by the home organization) and who shows commitment to leveraging the fellow’s learning appropriately post-fellowship.

I would like to come to IHI as a fellow for three months.  Is this possible?

Fellowships are one year in duration, July through June. We are not currently able to meet requests for shorter fellowships.  

Can I work half-time for my home organization while completing the fellowship?

No. To benefit fully from the intense learning experience that a fellowship offers, fellows should have no day-to-day responsibilities at their home organization during the fellowship year. Fellows may choose to work on a discrete improvement project back at their home organization during the year if it fits well with their learning objectives for the fellowship.

It seems that most previous fellows are medical doctors.  Is there an MD requirement? 

No. We encourage applications from nurse leaders, quality improvement professionals, and allied health professionals. We have had a dentist , a speech therapist, a pharmacist, nurses, and a physical therapist, among others, accepted into the fellowship program.