Innovation Lab

IHI's Innovation Lab brings together dynamic, multidisciplinary teams and provides them with the resources, space, and spark to create products, processes, and/or services that efficiently solve persistent problems in health and health care. IHI’s innovation process involves working with a core team to use your organization’s information and inspiration, as well as research from around the world, to develop productive prototypes that are tested and refined in your organization. IHI leverages our collective knowledge of quality improvement, system design, and innovation methodology to tackle problems in partnership with outside organizations.

How Will My Organization Benefit?

The goal of the Innovation Lab is to help your organization creatively design or redesign systems and/or processes to achieve positive impact that is both 
sustainable and scalable. The Innovation Lab will guide your organization with broadbased research and the co-creation of solutions through facilitation, clear process design, rapid prototyping, and the accumulation and application of learning long after participants head home.

In addition to solving specific problems, organizations will leave the IHI Innovation Lab with a new set of skills in research, innovation, and system design that they can apply to other challenges in their organization.



The IHI Innovation Team offers a series of different models for engaging with the Innovation Lab based on the unique needs and specifications of the organization’s challenge. Models vary from six weeks (with a 4.5-day intensive working session) to
three months (including coaching during the testing phase of the work) of engagement with IHI staff, faculty, and external experts. Determining which model best fits the needs of your organization, and your specific problem, is an important part of the Innovation Lab process.

During the proposal, an IHI Innovation Lead will work with your organization’s senior lead to determine the specifications of the problem and to begin laying out the scope, schedule, budget, and deliverables. The overall Innovation Lab consists of three phases. Both the length of each phase and the level of engagement will be based on the challenge being solved.