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System-wide Quality Leadership Onsite Diagnostic

Expert Analysis and Recommendations

IHI’s System-wide Quality Leadership Onsite Diagnostic is intended for organizations seeking a comprehensive approach to quality and safety improvement across their system.

Our team of experts will come to your organization to assess the current state of system-wide performance, the infrastructure for quality, and the system’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas important for successful transformation.We will then draw on these insights to offer strategic recommendations and a roadmap for implementation.

This diagnostic may be tailored to the needs and priorities of your system.



  • Understand what is needed to adopt a single and effective quality framework, in the context of your organization’s existing culture, strategies, policies, and priorities
  • Identify what is needed to adopt a comprehensive and effective approach for building improvement capacity, capability, and the cultural foundation to promote and sustain continuous quality improvement
  • Gain insight on how to optimize a family of whole system measures for system-wide quality, safety, value, patient experience, and patient outcomes that allows leaders and staff to identify avoidable harm and other opportunities for improvement
  • Define actionable strategies for closing identified gaps in the strategies and policies, workforce capabilities, and/or measures



The role of health system leaders is changing as demands for ever-higher quality and value intersect with a workforce that is under stress, rapidly increasing technological complexity, and a growing expectation of engagement in issues outside the system’s walls such as population health. IHI recognizes that in a time of high demand and high uncertainty leaders need new ways of thinking, new behaviors, and new frameworks to succeed.

This diagnostic supports leaders in setting and achieving ambitious, measurable, and yet realistic goals for driving and supporting quality, safety, and clinical excellence efforts; aligning the organization around such efforts; and finding the ideal balance and connection between improvement capability at all levels of the system.

Based on the framework described in the IHI White Paper, High Impact Leadership: Improve Care, Improve the Health of Populations, and Reduce Costs, this diagnostic helps leaders to:

  • Clarify and align priorities, strategies, and initiatives for quality
  • Take stock of quality, safety, and clinical excellence activities in light of organizational priorities and develop a coherent portfolio of quality-focused work
  • Assess and strengthen leadership’s role in quality and safety
  • Take effective action with specific recommendations to build will and energize leadership to move forward
  • Strengthen improvement capability and infrastructure
  • Identify basic strengths and weaknesses in other areas important for success, such as culture, leadership, and data and analytic skills
  • Where possible and where data are available, quantify and characterize the opportunity for improvement in both human and financial terms

To further enhance your organization’s understanding of the specific quality improvement skills needed at each level of the organization, this diagnostic may be combined with the Building System-wide Quality Improvement Capability Onsite Diagnostic.


Onsite Process

Below is a general overview of the sequence of steps during the diagnostic period:

  • Virtual or In-Person Meeting with Leadership Teams
  • Pre-Visit Data Collection and Relevant Information Gathering
  • Pre-Visit Planning Call with Leadership Teams
  • On-Site Visit(s) by the IHI diagnostic team to meet with key stakeholders and conduct field observations
  • Findings and Recommendations presented via an in-person debrief, as well as a written report


Findings and Recommendations

The findings and recommendations provided by IHI at the conclusion of the diagnostic are intended to be actionable and help senior leaders further shape strategy and plans for executing on the strategy.

The diagnostic is often a starting point for a deeper engagement with IHI to achieve system-wide transformation. Please see Customized Services for an overview of how organizations can further engage with IHI to effect change in their systems.