This Week at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement                 April 22, 2014

Learning from the Stroke 90:10 Collaborative

This spring, Implementation Science published two papers describing the evaluation of Stroke 90:10, a quality improvement collaborative that aimed to improve stroke care in 24 hospitals in northwest England. The collaborative, based on IHI's Breakthrough Series model, was funded by the Health Foundation and led by Dr. Maxine Power, Director of Innovation and Improvement Science at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom, and a former IHI Fellow. In a new post to the IHI blog, Gareth Parry, PhD, IHI Senior Scientist, and Don Goldmann, MD, IHI Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, discuss the two-pronged approach to evaluating the collaborative. They note that combining both a quantitative and a qualitative analysis allows for the examination of important contextual factors such as the "social and structural make-up of the system where the changes are being proposed, and the wider political and financial context." Parry and Goldmann argue that generating useful, applicable learning from these kinds of collaboratives relies on this type of comprehensive approach to evaluation.

Working Smarter Through Team-Based Care

Delivering high-quality primary care comes with its own unique set of challenges -- not the least of which is, in the US, an ongoing shortage of primary care physicians. In a new video interview, IHI faculty member Dr. Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH, describes how team-based care not only helps fill the gap but also makes practices more effective. Doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others are discovering that there's a lot of joy and professional satisfaction in working more closely with colleagues, and that effectively dividing responsibilities can lead to more meaningful relationships with patients. Dr. Bitton notes that the answer isn't working harder; it's working smarter. Accomplishing everything recommended by the guidelines would require a primary care physician, working alone, to work over 19 hours a day. Effective team-based care is a key focus of IHI's upcoming Transforming the Primary Care Practice seminar on June 10-12 in San Francisco.

Transforming Team Tensions: WIHI, April 24

The last thing a patient needs to experience at a hospital or a clinic is tension between staff members. Yet we've all likely seen and heard things that make us wonder about who is getting along with whom and whether frustrations between clinicians are getting in the way of quality care. With health care being designed, at all levels, to be more of a team effort, productive working relationships and team cohesion are more critical than ever. On the next WIHI (Thursday, April 24, 2-3pm ET), host Madge Kaplan and her guests will explore this important and timely issue. They'll talk about the "people issues" that can sometimes stall improvement and even jeopardize patient safety. The guests will also discuss training in conflict management and other humanistic clinical skills critical to communicating effectively with each other and with patients. We hope you'll tune in and bring your own experiences and perspectives to the conversation.

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IHI Focus Area Spotlight

Improvement Capability: Learning from the Stroke 90:10 Collaborative

Person- and Family-Centered Care: Partnering with Patient/Family Advisors to Improve Health Care

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Triple Aim for Populations: IOM Recommendations on Social and Behavioral Domains for Inclusion in EHRs



The IHI Open School recently reorganized its growing collection of resources (e.g., videos, case studies, improvement stories) so they can all be found in one place. In addition, each online course has its own set of complementary resources, and the Open School has updated its activities to include learning objectives, discussion questions, and facilitator guides.



A call for papers for a new department in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety -- Learning and Innovation in Quality and Patient Safety: A Two-Way Street -- which will be edited by IHI Vice President Dr. Kedar Mate



A recent blog post about the practice of "floating" caregivers from unit to unit by Anila Hussaini, RN, MPH (above), Director for IHI's Patient Safety Executive Development Program

Where's IHI this week?

Several of IHI's senior leaders and staff, including CEO Maureen Bisognano and EVP Derek Feeley, will be in Qatar this week for the 2nd Annual Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

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