This Week at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement          September 15, 2014

New IHI White Paper: Comparing Lean and QI

People often want to know about the relationship between the IHI approach to quality improvement (“IHI-QI”) and Lean, and how they can best utilize one or both approaches to improve their own care systems. A new IHI White Paper, authored by Improvement Advisors Richard Scoville and Kevin Little, addresses these issues and argues that Lean and IHI’s methods are quite complementary, and it’s not necessary to choose one over the other as a guide to action. For each approach, the authors describe the conceptual foundations, the principles that lead the way to improved system performance, the project roadmaps typically followed, and the tools that can be used along the way. The authors point out the fundamental congruence between the two approaches, as well as important distinctions. Finally, suggestions for how practitioners of either Lean or IHI-QI can use the principles and methods of the other to widen the impact are also included.

Enhancing Prehospital Emergency Care

In an emergency, what happens before a patient comes through the hospital door can positively affect downstream patient outcomes and costs of care. A new article published in Healthcare Executive, authored by IHI Senior Vice President Kedar Mate, MD, and Improvement Advisor David Williams, PhD, describes how emergency medical services (EMS) are increasingly becoming part of an integrated health care system. The authors discuss the expanded roles ambulance services and paramedics are playing by initiating immediate and life-saving interventions in the field for individuals suffering a heart attack or a stroke, or in rapid decline because of sepsis. EMS programs are also starting to play a role in communities by offering preventive, public health, and post-discharge care. Ways in which health system leaders can get started on collaborating with emergency medical services are also suggested. And for those interested in more, be sure to check out the recent WIHI recording on this topic.

David Calkins Memorial Scholarship

David R. Calkins, MD, MPP (1948-2006), championed the idea that the combination of rigorous science and a commitment to improvement can transform health care. His curiosity, commitment to science, love of teaching, and determination to improve are values that he worked continuously to share with succeeding generations of health professionals. To honor Dr. Calkins, IHI created the David Calkins Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually to a health professions student who demonstrates a commitment to quality improvement. The scholarship enables this individual to attend IHI’s National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. Applicants must be enrolled, full-time students, and are asked to write a brief essay about a health care quality improvement project they would like to undertake or have undertaken. A new blog post by Lilly Stairs, IHI Marketing and Communications Project Assistant, describes both past scholarship recipients and how you can apply for the 2014 scholarship. (The deadline for applications is Wednesday, October 10.)

IHI Focus Area Spotlight

Improvement Capability: Hospital-wide Mortality as a Measure of Quality

Person- and Family-Centered Care: Work Out What Your Patients Think

Patient Safety: Enhancing Prehospital Emergency Care

Quality, Cost, and Value: Offering a Warranty for Joint Replacement Surgery

Triple Aim for Populations: Care Teams Key to Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care 




A recent blog post, "Health Care Leadership: More Than Wishful Thinking," by IHI Executive Vice President, Derek Feeley (above), in which he describes IHI's new Leadership Alliance (begins in October)



A new blog post by IHI Senior Vice President Dr. Pierre Barker (above) on the importance of adaptive design in implementation science



A great new video about quality improvement and patient safety created by IHI Open School Chapter members at UT Southwestern Medical School

Where's IHI this week?

Most of IHI's senior leaders are in Salt Lake City, Utah, this week as Dr. Brent James and his colleagues at Intermountain Healthcare host IHI's quarterly Board of Directors meeting.

Who's at IHI this week?

William Haseltine, PhD (Chairman and President), and Sofi Bergkvist (Managing Director) from ACCESS Health International are visiting with IHI leaders this week.

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