This Week at IHI
This Week at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
November 23, 2015
Confronting Population Health Challenges Together

Infant mortality, chronic disease, and end-of-life care are three critical health problems in Shelby County, Tennessee, that the Healthy Shelby Initiative is successfully tackling. A new Triple Aim improvement story describes how Healthy Shelby is supporting a broad coalition of community-wide stakeholders in working together to improve the health of residents and reduce medical care cost. How has Healthy Shelby managed to successfully coalesce these stakeholders — public health, hospitals, health care providers, social service providers, academic institutions, the faith community, local government, and funders? Data definitely got everyone’s attention: chronic disease drives a large portion of local health care costs and affects large numbers of residents; infant mortality rates are too high; and local hospitals see high costs of care in the last six months of life. Poor quality of life, they also realized, discourages businesses and job candidates from coming to Shelby County. To keep the community healthy and vibrant, Healthy Shelby recognizes it’s vital to confront the issues together.

Where in the World Is IHI’s Azhar Ali?

In a new profile in improvement, learn how Azhar Ali, IHI’s Executive Director for the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region, has taken on a variety of challenges, in a variety of settings, on a path that eventually led him to IHI. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, after getting his medical degree, Dr. Ali began practicing medicine in London; he returned to Scotland for his MBA; and then went on to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), to become Medical Care Director for Abu Dhabi’s primary care system — eventually becoming quality manager for the entire UAE health system. When IHI leaders approached him in 2013 about heading up IHI’s growing work in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region, Dr. Ali was eager to help shape IHI’s global engagement. “Time, distance, and travel demands will always be challenging, and IHI may always be a small organization,” he says. “But we have respect internationally and great potential, based on decades of experience and boundless energy and ambition. I’m very hopeful.”

How to Engage Clinicians and Leaders in Population Management

Fairview Physician Associates Network in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has learned an important lesson over the last five years: If your goals are population management and accountable care, you must engage your clinicians and leaders. In a new post to the IHI Blog, Fairview's Chief Operating Officer Barbara Klick shares her tips for getting the active involvement and support of these important stakeholders. A recent participant in IHI’s Population Management Executive Development Program, Klick's most important piece of advice is to focus on the benefits to patients. “If you begin by talking about money, especially with most clinicians,” she notes, “you’ll lose them.”

IHI Focus Area Spotlight

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IHI staff are eagerly counting down the days (only 12 more!) until the IHI National Forum, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Orlando on December 6-9


In a recent IHI Blog post, Dr. Tony DiGioia (above) writes about "Patient Shadowing: How to Reduce Costs While Improving the Patient Experience and Outcomes"

Malcolm Baldrige

Congratulations to West Virginia's Charleston Area Medical Center Health System, an IHI Leadership Alliance member, on receiving the 2015 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the only recipient in health care

Where's IHI?
IHI Vice President Pat Rutherford is in Birmingham, England, this week to participate in NHS England’s Chief Nursing Officer Summit.

IHI Executive Vice President Derek Feeley, Director Jennifer Lenoci-Edwards, and Project Coordinator Melissa Knihtila are in Washington, DC, this week for a meeting with leaders of the Military Health System.
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