This Week at IHI
This Week at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
February 8, 2016
US Surgeon General to Deliver IHI Summit Closing Keynote

IHI is honored to announce that Vice Admiral (VADM) Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA, 19th United States Surgeon General, will deliver the closing keynote address on Tuesday, March 22 (2:45–3:45pm) at the 17th Annual Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community in Orlando, Florida. The Surgeon General’s National Prevention Strategy focuses on healthy and safe community environments; clinical and community preventive services; empowered people; and elimination of health disparities. The three-day IHI Summit on March 20-22 features more than 1,000 health improvers, health care professionals, and community change agents gathering to energize one another and gain practical solutions for transformative change across health and health care. Don’t miss the chance to hear the Surgeon General and other inspiring speakers.

A Framework for Scaling Up
Health Interventions

Extending improvements to whole systems, even whole countries, is full of challenges but by no means impossible. Far from it. A new article published in Implementation Science, “A Framework for Scaling Up Health Interventions: Lessons from Large-Scale Improvement Initiatives in Africa,” details a sequence of four steps for taking a health intervention to full scale: 1. Set-up, 2. Develop the Scalable Unit, 3. Test of Scale-up, and 4. Go to Full Scale. The article authors — Pierre Barker, MD, IHI Senior Vice President; Amy Reid, MPH, IHI Senior Research Associate; and Marie Schall, MA, IHI Director — also describe the properties that facilitate adoption of the new ideas and the infrastructure required to support the scale-up. Two case studies present national-scale initiatives in Ghana and South Africa that used early iterations of this framework to scale up evidence-based interventions to improve maternal and child health.

Teamwork Provides Secret
to ACO Success

Coastal Medical, an accountable care organization (ACO) in Rhode Island, ranks third in the nation for quality among 333 Medicare Shared Savings ACOs. In a new post to the IHI Blog, Chief Operating Officer Meryl Moss explains why effective teamwork is helping the ACO thrive — and how patients are reaping the rewards. One reason for Coastal’s success? The organization’s commitment to developing and empowering teams at all levels, although Moss acknowledges, “This may sound straightforward, but it hasn’t been easy.” In the post, she shares some lessons learned about the challenges and rewards of shared achievement, and how leveraging the power of teams helps develop better solutions to improve quality. Want to learn more? Moss will be presenting on Coastal Medical’s experience as faculty for the upcoming IHI Population Management Executive Development Program in April.

IHI Focus Area Spotlight

Improvement Capability: Patient Shadowing: Develop Meaningful Improvements for Patients and Families

Person- and Family-Centered Care: Small Questions, Big Improvements in Patient-Centered Care

Patient Safety: Study Finds Communication Failures Are Linked to Patient Deaths

Quality, Cost, and Value: How Did One Hospital Add Capacity Without Adding Cost?

Triple Aim for Populations: Early Results for Oregon’s Medicaid Coordinated Care Organizations

Look for

Read about Adiós Bacteriemias, an entirely virtual program that has reduced central line-associated bloodstream infections by 43 percent in 40 hospitals, improving patient safety in ICUs across Latin America


The New York Times
Opinionator blog post, “How Hospitals Are Changing to Become Safer,” takes a look at efforts to reduce harm and improve care related to hospital-acquired infections, pressure ulcers, sepsis, blood clots, and falls


Watch video clip "extras" with Dr. Victor Montori, an in-studio guest for the January 28 WIHI, who talks about minimally disruptive medicine as a guide for shared decision making

Who's at IHI?
A group of 24 individuals representing many disciplines in health and health care are participating in an equity expert meeting at IHI this week, to provide guidance and explore opportunities with IHI to help accelerate the pace of improvement in health equity.
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