Next wave of patient safety, supporting cancer caregivers, and getting the right care
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January 17, 2017
Right Care: Addressing Medical
Overuse and Underuse Globally

The newly published "Right Care" series in The Lancet is a call to action to tackle medical underuse and overuse worldwide. Through a comprehensive review of available evidence, the series explores the prevalence of overuse and underuse around the world, describes factors that drive inappropriate care, and suggests a path forward for addressing key issues together. In a companion editorial for the series, "Avoiding Overuse: The Next Quality Frontier," IHI President Emeritus Don Berwick makes the case that quality of care — that is, better matching care to needs, and practice to science — is central to addressing underuse of effective care and overuse of ineffective care.

Supporting the Supporters of Cancer Patients

Patients with cancer who live at home often need to lean on family members for emotional support and help with medical tasks, in addition to assistance with activities of daily living. Not surprisingly, family caregivers themselves also require support, so that they can be effective and maintain their own well-being. A new article published in the Journal of Oncology Practice, coauthored by IHI Senior Fellow Len Berry, presents a four-part framework for supporting cancer patient caregivers: assess caregivers’ needs, provide education and training in their support role, empower them to be core members of the patient’s cancer care team, and provide proactive support to assist caregivers.

The Next Wave of Patient Safety:
WIHI, January 26

What are your plans to improve patient safety in 2017? Are they hospital-specific or do they extend across the continuum of care? Is the work part of an overall system of safety, knitted together by an engaged staff, a thriving safety culture, and continuous learning? Join us for the next WIHI (Thursday, January 26, 2-3pm ET) when Derek Feeley and Don Berwick will describe how IHI is more determined than ever to help hospitals and health systems make greater gains in reducing harm to patients, anchored by a renewed focus and new framing. They’ll talk about six principles to guide safety work and the importance of making safety a central part of an alert, proactive organization’s daily functioning.

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15 Measures to Gauge Your Health System’s Performance: The IHI White Paper, Whole System Measures 2.0: A Compass for Health System Leaders, offers essential measures for a different era in health care: one focused on achieving the Triple Aim.


What Happens If Republicans Repeal Without a ‘Replace’?”: To help us navigate this question, IHI’s Don Berwick offers a primer published in The Huffington Post.


Videos of IHI’s 2016 National Forum keynote presentations — including Derek Feeley, Don Berwick, the Orlando Health team, and more — are now available.


February 10 is the application deadline for the 2017-2018 Disparities Leadership Program, focused on helping health care leaders achieve equity in quality, offered through the Disparities Solution Center.

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