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July 27, 2015
What Are Always Events?

Many in health care are familiar with “never events” – serious adverse events that should never occur, such as wrong-site surgery or a fatal medication error. Conversely, there are things such as reliable application of evidence-based practices that should always occur for every patient. But Always Events® are something slightly different. In a new post to the IHI blog, Vice President Pat Rutherford explains that Always Events (originally conceived by the Picker Institute) are events that “…patients and family members have identified… as fundamental to improving their experience of care.” In addition to this unique focus on ensuring an optimal patient and family experience, Always Events are co-designed with patients and families, and implemented with the active participation of patients and families. To help providers identify, develop, and reliably apply these practices, IHI has developed an Always Events framework, which Rutherford describes in the post.

First Latin American Forum on
Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Quality improvement has truly become a global movement. More and more, patients, clinicians, and other health professionals are coming together in different regions of the world to share and learn together. IHI is excited to play a part in the growth of this global learning network by convening, in partnership with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, the first Latin American Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare on August 13-16, 2015, in São Paulo, Brazil. The Latin American Forum features keynotes from Don Berwick, Dan Heath, Gary Cohen, and other leaders from IHI and Einstein. To learn more, explore the Forum’s website (available in Portuguese, Spanish, and English), which includes brief introductory videos from Einstein’s President and CEO, Dr. Claudio Lottenberg, and from IHI President and CEO, Maureen Bisognano. And for our Spanish-speaking colleagues, be sure to check out a video from Pedro Delgado, IHI Executive Director and Latin America regional lead.

Three IHI White Papers Newly Translated into French

Continuing on the global theme, we are thrilled to announce that due to the hard work of Marie Brusselmans and Mathieu Louiset (from l’Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium), as well as IHI’s own editorial staff, three IHI White Papers are now available in French. “Going Lean in Health Care” (“Le Lean Management dans les soins de santé”); “A Guide to Measuring the Triple Aim” (“Guide IHI de mesure du Triple Objectif”); and “High-Impact Leadership” (“Le Leadership à fort impact”) are available and free to download from Mr. Louiset, a member of the public health faculty at l’Université Catholique de Louvain, is using these white papers to teach improvement in his courses in his native Belgium, and we are grateful to him and his team for making these resources available en français.

IHI Focus Area Spotlight

Improvement Capability: A Practical Guide for Large-Scale Improvement

Person- and Family-Centered Care: Better Patient Experience Measures and Data to Drive Improvement

Patient Safety: Improving Root Cause Analysis and Action to Prevent Harm

Quality, Cost, and Value: Power to the Patient in Understanding Costs of Care

Triple Aim for Populations: Behavioral Health Integration: A Key Component of the Triple Aim

Look For

There's still time to submit your proposal to present at the 17th Annual Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community (March 20-22, 2016, at the Orlando World Center Marriott); proposals are being accepted through Friday, July 31



A recent article in Hospitals & Health Networks Daily – "Five Principles for Better End-of-Life Care– features comments from IHI Director Kelly McCutcheon Adams (above) and content from the recent IHI White Paper she co-authored



A recent post to the IHI Open School Blog about residents leading a QI initiative to improve depression screening for patients with diabetes

Who's at IHI?
IHI welcomes 45 individuals from 12 countries and 13 US states who are taking part in the annual Summer Immersion program.

Where's IHI?

Several IHI leaders and faculty, including Maureen Bisognano, Derek Feeley, Don Berwick, and Bob Lloyd, are at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health to teach the first week of the annual three-week summer course on quality improvement in health care.

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