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October 27, 2014
Improving Community Health in Memphis

Church Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee, is committed to encouraging healthy living for individuals as well as communities. A new case study tells the story of the Center (part of “Healthy Shelby,” a participant in IHI’s Triple Aim Improvement Community) and how it is providing high-quality, affordable health care to the working uninsured of Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. Authored by former IHI Fellow and current President of the Church Health Center, Antony Sheehan, along with IHI President and CEO, Maureen Bisognano, and IHI Board Alumnus and President Emeritus of the Mayo Clinic Health System, Dr. Robert Waller, the study also details how the success of the Center’s work has hinged on a focus on whole-person health (e.g., augmenting medical care with fitness classes, nutritional education, counseling, and other services) and on community engagement.

A Primer on Triple Aim Terminology

The words "Triple Aim" and the terms that are part of its lexicon are often misused. A new post to the IHI blog by Niñon Lewis, MS, Director of IHI's Triple Aim for Populations Focus Area, offers practical guidance on how to make sense of Triple Aim terminology. Lewis explains the history of the Triple Aim, from the initial idea of the pursuit of improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care, to the development of the IHI Triple Aim Framework and the launch of the Triple Aim Improvement Community. This primer is an ideal companion piece to Lewis’s earlier post that helped make sense of the terms “population,” “population health,” “population management,” and “population medicine.” The new post is also available as a downloadable document.

Powerful Voices in a Crucial Conversation

In a recent op-ed piece in The Washington Post, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and Director/Co-Founder of The Conversation Project, Ellen Goodman, argues that the controversy around the case of Brittany Murphy – a 29-year-old woman facing a tragic diagnosis of terminal brain cancer – should prompt a different kind of conversation. Goodman notes that despite near-universal agreement about the importance of conversations about end-of-life care, too many people are not having these discussions with their families and loved ones, and are not dying in the way they would choose. Also just published is the latest book from best-selling author, surgeon, Conversation Project Advisor, and 2014 IHI National Forum Keynote speaker, Dr. Atul Gawande. In Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, Gawande explores how the medical profession can play a vital role not only in improving life, but also in improving how it ends.

IHI Focus Area Spotlight

Improvement Capability: Accreditation as a Quality-Enhancing Strategy for Achieving Universal Health Coverage

Person- and Family-Centered Care: When the System Fails Both Caregiver and Patient

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Quality, Cost, and Value: A Business Case for Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures

Triple Aim for Populations: Video Highlights Need for Preventive Health Care


“Highly Adoptable Improvement”: Minimizing Workload Burnout While Maximizing Capacity and Value, a free webinar featuring former IHI Fellow Dr. Chris Hayes on November 3 (12-1pm ET)


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IHI Chief Medical and Scientific Officer Don Goldmann is attending Boston Children’s Hospital's Global Pediatric Innovation Summit this week.

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IHI Senior Fellow Lloyd Provost is at IHI this week to teach Wave 34 of the Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program.

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